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Paediatric Acupuncture and Massage - Children and babies

At The Bright Side Family Acupuncture, we see babies, toddlers and older children. Depending on age, constitution and their preference, we treat them with either Tui Na massage, acupressure or sometimes acupuncture (or press-tack needles/stickers). The massage is enjoyable in a calm and relaxed approach.

A treatment takes up to 30 minutes. We like to give the parents easy to follow instructions for them to massage their children in between sessions.


Children and babies respond exceptionally well to both. In practice, we often prefer to treat the children with acupressure and massage as this is highly effective and very relaxing for the children, as they are getting used to the environment and the practitioner. Some children are naturally curious and are keen to try acupuncture, others prefer to stay with acupressure/massage. When we do acupuncture for small children, we select only very few points, sometimes as few as two needles are applied. Often no needle retention is needed and the application is so quick and smooth that the children are not bothered. When we massage children, we work on acupressure points as well as certain areas. This includes different body parts such as hands and fingers, sole of the foot, tummy, back and neck.

We can start with treatments from newborn age. Babies generally enjoy a massage and as they respond really quickly to acupressure, acupuncture is usually not required.

Children of all ages, from newborn until they become teenagers. The treatment will always be adapted to the needs and preferences of the child. At the Bright Side Family Acupuncture, we see children with a multitude of symptoms across different organ systems. In Chinese medicine, we see children as naturally exuberant in active and hot Yang energy, which may reflect in their temper. Babies and small children often struggle with their little immature digestive system, which in Traditional Chinese medicine paediatrics is regarded as central to good health. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to discuss whether acupuncture/acupressure/massage is right for your child.

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