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Chinese Herbal Therapy

Chinese Herbal therapy forms an important and powerful branch of Chinese medicine. As acupuncturists, we use herbs to complement the acupuncture treatment and enhance the positive health outcome for the patient. All herbs available in Australia have been TGA approved. In Chinese medicine, we always use a blend of herbs, a so-called formula, which is both balanced and targeted to an individual’s symptoms. At the Bright Side Acupuncture, we offer our patients herbs pressed into pills and capsules, which is the most convenient way and ensures accurate dosage when you are busy, with no unpleasant taste.


A herbal formula is a balanced blend of select herbs that work together. Many herbal formulas are thousands of years old and were handed
down by important Chinese medicine scholars. Many popular formulas are available today ready made as a patent formula to suit a certain health syndrome as diagnosed by the Chinese medicine practitioner. Formulas may have one or multiple aims, for example, dissolving phlegm to relieve your cough, or nourish Yin and blood to assist with sleep.  


When prescribed for an acute condition, Chinese formulas may be fast acting and be prescribed for one week only until the progress is being reviewed by the practitioner. To support a longstanding chronic condition, formulas may be prescribed for an extended period, from a few weeks to several months.


At our Brisbane based family acupuncture clinic, we like to offer our patients herbs as granules, which can be prepared like a tea in the morning and at night time. Granules are not only a highly potent preparation of herbs but also a convenient way to suit a busy lifestyle. Sometimes, we also order in pills and capsules for our patients who prefer to have them ready in their handbag. 



At The Bright Side Family Acupuncture clinic, we like to work with herbal granules from KO DA, a traditional Taiwanese company that produces Chinese herbs to the highest quality standards. KO DA Pharmaceutical has attained Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), ISO 9001:2015 Certification in Quality Management certified by SGS, ISO 14064:2006 Greenhouse Gas Verification by Det Norske Veritas and ISO 17025:2005 Laboratory & Testing Centre certified by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF). KO DA also commits to Good Agricultural Practice (GAP). KO DA dispenses their herbs to Taiwan’s noteworthy hospitals and to over 80% of domestic Chinese medicine clinics.



Please note that a few herbal formulas contain fermented wheat grain (and therefore traces of gluten) which is used as a popular digestive aid. Please always talk to your practitioner in case you have an intolerance. All KODA herbal products are certified to be made with non-genetically modified corn starch (gluten free).



In our clinic, the herbal formulas that we typically prescribe are 100% plant based. We would discuss with you in the rare case that we suggest a formula that may include either minerals or sustainably sourced animal parts (like insects). Like most contemporary practitioners, we distance ourselves from the use of animals and aim to protect endangered species. 



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