Tui Na Massage Brisbane

Tui Na Massage

Tui Na is a form of Chinese bodywork (remedial massage) that is based on the principles and philosophy of Chinese medicine. It literally means “push” (tui) and “grasp” (na).

Like acupuncture and Chinese herbal interventions, Tui Na aims to restore the balance of a person’s natural flow of Qi and remove any blockages that may lead to pain or illness.

The main therapeutic goal is to alleviate the symptoms that arise from such blockage on a physical, mental or emotional level.


Based on a person’s body constitution and current health, the practitioner chooses to work on certain body points and channels to restore the body’s natural balance of Yin and Yang, eliminating any blockages and restore blood flow to the tissues. In Tui Na, we work with the same structures as in acupuncture, yet we use our hands, arms and elbows to stimulate the points and channels, specific muscles or tendons.

Tui Na is performed through the patient’s clothing or a towel, which is very comfortable for the client, as traditionally no oils are used. Depending on a person’s health concerns, a Tui Na treatment can range from soft to strong deep tissue remedial work. Different techniques are chosen, which can be relaxing and gentle or very dynamic, such as pushing, pressing, kneading, rolling or grasping movements.

A trained practitioner will adapt the treatment to a patient’s personal needs, be it children, pregnant women or anyone with a weakened system. It is also ideal for anyone who does not want to receive acupuncture but would not want to miss out on the benefits of a Chinese medicine treatment.

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