Chinese Medicine Paediatrics: Needle-free Treatments and Acupuncture for Children

Acupuncture for Children in Brisbane
Is your child stressed and wetting the bed at night?
Do they lack appetite or get constipated easily?
Does their skin tend to be dry and itchy?
Are they going through a rollercoaster of emotions?

Oftentimes, paediatric symptoms are seen as something that children will eventually ‘grow out of’ and we witness our little ones showing the same recurrent symptoms over and over again. As parents, we naturally want to make sure they feel better as quickly as possible. And yes – you as a parent can indeed support your little one’s physical and mental health! Besides acupuncture for children, Chinese medicine offers a wide range of needle-free treatments, many of which actively involve their parents and empower them to support their children’s health on a daily base. At The Bright Side Family Acupuncture in Brisbane, we teach the parents paediatric acupressure and Tui Na Chinese medical massage and provide them with handouts for easy reference. Chinese medicine, acupuncture and its adjunct therapies (cupping, moxa etc.) support patients of all ages on their health journey. This is especially valuable for little people from the preverbal stage through to school age, with Chinese medicine offering them an easily accessible and non-pharmaceutical alternative to healing.

Child-friendly Acupuncture and Needling Techniques

Acupuncture for children is very different from acupuncture for adults. No one expects a child to lie still for any length of time and relax during an acupuncture session. We will work with their needs for movement, expression and choices. Depending on their age, their own preferences and enthusiasm, they may or may not receive acupuncture and choose one of the many alternative therapies we treat children with. When performing acupuncture for Children, the practitioner chooses just one or two acupuncture points and the needles will not be retained (in, out – it’s that quick).

What Does Paediatric Acupuncture for Children Feel Like?

Often parents are keen to test a point so that they become familiar with the sensation their child is going to experience. We use little guide tubes and gently tap the needles which in our experience offers ultimate comfort. As it’s that quick, babies and very young children may not even realise that they had acupuncture. In our experience, when older children come back, they often ask for paediatric acupuncture. They tend to like certain points and ask for those again.

Needle-free Techniques: Paediatric Cupping, Acupressure and Medical Massage

Depending on age and preferences, alternative treatment modalities become very valuable. Toddlers and generally all children love, love, love gentle cupping and the colourful stickers and seeds that we use. Some also love acupressure and medical massage, which is a complete paediatric medical system in itself. We even have a little ‘tickle’ machine to stimulate points.

Acupuncture for Older Children and Teenagers

Older children and teenagers are often curious about the sensation of acupuncture and are motivated by the fact that acupuncture is to make them feel better. Their bodies experience intense change during puberty. Once children reach a certain age, they may request and truly enjoy a longer treatment time to relax with the acupuncture, giving them a break and letting them de-stress.

At The Bright Side Family Acupuncture, we see every child with their unique nature and needs. We will always tailor the treatment to create a positive experience for your child whilst aiming to achieve the best possible treatment outcome.

Are you unsure whether Chinese paediatric acupuncture for children is the right treatment for your child?  Please contact us to book a free 15 minute discovery call.

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