Paediatric Tui Na Massage in Brisbane

Paediatric Tui Na Acupuncture

Did you know Chinese medicine offers gentle natural healthcare from a very young age? Paediatric Tui Na therapy is a Chinese massage and acupressure technique that can support your little one’s physical and mental wellbeing. At our Brisbane based Family Acupuncture clinic, we provide age appropriate treatments for children, starting from newborn age through to teenage years.

What does a Tui Na paediatric treatment include?

A treatment always includes a thorough diagnosis and a suggested treatment plan. The Tui Na techniques range from pushing, grasping, kneading, or rubbing in a light, fast, and soft motion.Tui Na massage for adults and children have similarities and differences. There is for example much focus on the little ones’ hands and fingers and there is an important difference in the intensity of pressure which, for children, is soft and gentle.

How you as a parent can support your child with paediatric acupressure and massage?

One essential part of Tui Na therapy is encouraging the parents to continue the massage therapy at home. At our Brisbane based Family Acupuncture clinic, we will teach you a few simple massage techniques that you use on your little ones in between their appointments for the best treatment outcome.

What kind of problems do children experience while growing up?

In the view of Chinese medicine, children are naturally exuberant in Yang (active, outward) energy which may sometimes show as hyperactivity or trouble to fall asleep. Also,
when children are very little, their digestive system still needs to mature, which can in turn cause imbalance on other levels, ranging from a lack of appetite, reflux and indigestion to difficulty to concentrate and focus. Some children may appear tired, fall sick often or just can’t shake off a lingering cough. Some school aged children may struggle to stay dry during the night (nocturnal enuresis) and they and their families often suffer from the stresses that the bedwetting brings along. Emotional stress can be a crucial factor in some children and especially in teenagers who have to navigate the busy world of school, friendships and social media.

How does Chinese Tui Na Therapy support the children’s wellbeing?

Looking at the children’s symptoms and identifying a possible root cause, a key aim in Chinese paediatric therapy is to balance the Yin and Yang energies in the body and strengthen their digestive function being a core aspect of their health.

Do you have questions? Get in touch with Christin to find out how paediatric Tui Na, acupressure or acupuncture may support your child’s wellbeing.

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