Sweet Rice Congee

Sweet Rice Congee

Have been sick lately and need a simple and effective energy boost?

Pull out the slow cooker! Rice congee is a staple in Chinese cooking and it comes in many variations. Congee is cooked for hours and therefore very easy to digest. It is great for anyone who has been sick or wants a speedy recovery from great physical strains such as giving birth. A great way to kick start your day or have a little snack during your home office hours.

For this sweet version, you will need:

1 cup of rice. This can be glutinous black rice or white Arborio/risotto Rice that you find in practically any shop.

Add a hand full of Jujube/Chinese dates and Goji Berries.

Add spices: 2 Cardamom pods, a piece of Cinnamon Bark, a small 1cm piece of ginger

Add up to a litre of water. Simmer in a slow cooker for a few hours till it reaches the perfect consistency.

Tip: I recommend adding a spoon of honey or rice syrup for this sweet version. If you want it more creamy and a little more filling, add a tbsp of ghee or coconut cream before serving.

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