Three Things You Can Do When You Suffer From Cold Feet

Acupuncture for cold feet

Do you find yourself struggling to keep warm, now that winter is settling in Queensland? With the somewhat coolish nights, my clients often complain about having cold feet just before bedtime. Freezing feet are not just unpleasant, they can also prevent you – or significant others – from entering a peaceful sleep.

In Chinese medicine, there are two major reasons that we suffer from cold extremities – which are stagnation and lack of Yang – and I want to give you three main strategies to counter.

1. Choose warming foods

Follow the principles of Yin and Yang and opt for warming Yang foods and warming cooking techniques to help you fight the cold from the inside out. To give you a few examples, choose a stew with meat or lentils with ginger over a Caesar salad. You are going to feel the difference after a couple of days.

2. Exercise

If the reason for feeling cold is a stagnation of Qi, exercise of any kind is beneficial. Queensland winter invites us to do a workout in the park, go for a run or a brisk walk and get that blood and Qi moving. Building muscles is also an important aspect in maintaining body warmth.

3. Have a hot foot bath

My secret weapon for cold feet! For one week, spend 15min every night on a warm foot bath. This time is well invested because you will feel so warm and relaxed after the warm foot bath that you’ll go to sleep within minutes. Dipping your feet in hot water will increase the local circulation. Note: Be mindful if you are suffering from low blood pressure.

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